Our work within the education sector includes the internal refurbishments to classrooms, re-modelling of reception areas, extensive plumbing and electrical upgrades. Our external refurbishment works in schools include roof repairs, creating new playgrounds, entrance areas and car-parking. These projects are delivered effectively and co-operatively in occupied schools with minimal disruption to teachers and students. We only employ highly trained and localised teams and all employees and sub-contractors have CRB clearance.

As well as schools refurbishment projects we provide cyclical and planned maintenance programmes to many of our education sector clients. This is the work we need to carry on an agreed cycle that will ensure the school building and grounds are maintained in optimum condition. Some services to schools include window and fence painting which can be done every 4 or 6 years. Other works include electrical safety checks, common light bulb renewal and drainage checks. Major cyclical repairs in schools are carried out over a longer time frame. These may include upgrading door entry systems, stone repairs and works to the common fabric such as gutters and downpipes renewal. Some school cyclical maintenance requirements may include electrical upgrading, smoke detector renewal and the renewal of common stair windows.

According to a survey of the English School Estate [The Property Data Survey programme], schools in the East of England are in greatest need of repair with a whopping 95% of schools requiring maintenance work.

The Department of Education issued a policy paper on 7th May 2015 stating that £2 billion in rebuilding and refurbishing schools will be invested in school buildings in the ‘very worst condition’ . We, at Standage are well equipped to undertake schools refurbishment projects in South East London as our business is built on a good and recurring relationship with the public sector as well as having a committed and well-managed supply chain.