Cyclical and Planned Maintenance

In addition to our reactive repairs service we provide a Cyclical and Planned Maintenance Programme to many of our clients in both the Education and Housing sectors.

Cyclical maintenance is the work that needs to be carried out on an agreed cycle that can be annually or every number of years. Some services are annual while others such as close window and fence painting can be done every 5 or 6 years. Other works include Electrical safety checks (every 5 years), common light bulb renewal and drainage checks.

Major Repairs are by definition fairly substantial works carried out over a longer time frame. These include works such as upgrading door entry systems, stone repairs where necessary and works to the common fabric such as gutters and downpipes renewal, electrical upgrading, smoke detector renewal and renewal of common stair windows.

As specialists at working in and around occupied properties, we only employ highly trained and localised teams to deliver these services, ensuring communication is effective and disruption is minimal. Our continued investment in the training and development of our people is part of our strategy to help you achieve cost and efficiency savings.

Our cyclical and planned maintenance programmes have been utilised in the following case studies;

Hollydale Primary School

Gloucester Primary School

1 Alie Street

Rye Oak School

Grange Primary School